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IN SEARCH OF THE MAESTRO is a series of exclusive interviews with choreographers, ballet critics, historians, writers, journalists, and performers, all of whom are professionals in the art of classical ballet and the study of the era of Marius Petipa.

The objective of IN SEARCH OF THE MAESTRO is to capture the last 30-year period of the Petipa Renaissance and bring together all professionals associated with this era onto a single platform. This includes individuals who have had a direct influence on the development of classical ballet in its modern form over the past three decades.

The purpose of these interviews is not only to discuss the achievements and completed projects of these professionals but also to gain insight into their conclusions and maintain creative connections within the international ballet community. Such a cross-border archive could serve as a world heritage site and foster strong connections between different groups of actors in both the art and business spheres.

Each interview is based on a “Questionnaire Plan” devised by ballet historian G.A. Rimsky-Korsakov in 1935, which was originally intended for former dancers and prima ballerinas of the imperial theaters. The questionnaire comprises 29 questions, but each participant is allowed to select only five questions to answer during the 30-minute interview. The interviews are then accomuleted on the our site and published on the co-founders’ and participants’ social media platforms and YouTube channel, creating in this way a big international “Petipa library.”

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