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Petipa Marathon is an educational platform that connects professionals from all over the world whose life and work are associated with Marius Petipa and the main goal of the project is to share the knowledge that these professionals have with students, the general public and all those who love the art of classical ballet.

In Search Of The Maestro is a series of online interviews with the professionals studying the life, work and legacy of Marius Petipa, including documentary evidence, open discussions and choreographic examples.

Considering the global changes with the way of perception of information by modern youth, we can tell that it is fast-media, therefore our interviews will be short, it will be just 10 questions for professionals.

We wish that all these professionals regarding Marius Petipa will not refuse to partake in this project. As it would not only deny us from their knowledge, but it would also deny this information for all those students and ballet lovers who may be interested. For those who may find it useful, it could become the seed that falls on fertile soil, from which a new sprout will appear on the beautiful tree of the great art of classical ballet.

Thank you very much for your attention!