To our great regret, we have to announce the closing of Petipa Marathon 2020. We are sorry to report that due to force majeure, the worldwide Corona pandemic, and Belgian Government “COVID 19” regulations, we cannot implement our Summer Program.

  1. The 2 weeks Petipa Marathon Summer Program is organized from 6 to 17 July 2020 by Global Events, the Organiser, registered in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1995 (0457.479.120).
  2. The registration to PETIPA MARATHON SUMMER PROGRAM implies the full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions between the Parties: the Organizer and the Student (or his/her legal representative). This agreement is deemed read and accepted by the Student (or his/her legal representative) by clicking on the button of acceptance of Terms & Conditions on the online registration page.
  3. Students applying for Petipa Marathon Summer Program have to be dancers with an advanced or professional level between the age of 14 and 21 years old by July 1st
  4. Participants will be selected from a video submitted with their registration and the Organizer shall notify them the results using their email address.
  5. Registrations will not be accepted without providing the requested video and will be processed only after the registration fee has been received.
  6. Closing date for all applicants is 1st May 2020. However, due to the limited number of places available, candidates are advised to register as soon as possible. Registrations can be terminated earlier if the number of registered students reaches the maximum number accepted for the Petipa Marathon Summer Program.
  7. The decision of the Organizer is final, and no correspondence will be initialized if the result of the application is negative. The registration fee will not be reimbursed to applicants not chosen for the course.
  8. For the admitted Students, the fee is 1.200€, if registered before March 31st, 2020. After March 31st, 2020, tuition for the course will be 1300€. These fees include all dance classes, coaching and final presentation. NOT included are all drinks, food except lunch, personal expenses and accommodation.
  9. Once the Student receives the notification of acceptance to the Petipa Marathon Summer Program, the payment of 400€ deposit (non-refundable) should take place within 7 (seven) calendar days of the acceptance notice. The rest of the fees must be paid within 30 calendar days. If the payment is not made before or on the due date, the registration will be automatically cancelled. Enrollment within the course is only assured after all course fees have been paid fully. Payment can be made via bank transfer (it should be net of any bank charges and with the name of the Student in the comments or reference field).
    Account name: Global Events VZW
    Address: Amerikalei 1, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
    Account Number: BE71 2200 9005 8169
    Concept: PM Registration Fee + Name of participant
    PM Program + Name of participant
  10. Any cancellation/withdraws before or during the program doesn’t entitle the reimbursement of any fee.
  11. No Reimbursements are accepted for leaving the program.
  12. The student accepts to follow, respect all the rules, conditions, guidelines, procedures, and other organizational matters established and adopted by the Organizer.
  13. The Organizer reserves the right to change the guest teachers in the event of illness or any other unpredictable circumstances.
  14. The final schedule will be available to Students at the beginning of the course.
  15. The first day of Petipa Marathon Summer Program allows the Organizer to make the final elaboration of the groups level.
  16. All candidates must bring the appropriate dancewear:
    Ladies: Leotard, short skirt recommended for Repertoire, tights, ½ pointe & pointe shoes.
    Gentlemen: Black tights, white T-shirt, Ballet shoes over white socks.
  17. The Organizer, Organiser’s staff or any of the teachers will not be held responsible for any damage or injury, however, caused, to any person attending the course or third parties, nor for the loss of any property, on or off the premises of the course.
  18. It is mandatory that the Student takes out personal health / medical, travel and accident insurance valid in Belgium. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for their child insurance policies whilst attending the Petipa Marathon Summer Program.
  19. By participating to the Petipa Marathon Summer Program, the Student (parent, guardian) acknowledges that, to his/her knowledge, he/she does not suffer any illness or conditions which might be aggravated by attending the course.I (parent, legal guardian, Student) are fully familiar with the intended activities and demands of a rigorous ballet/dance training program (intensive), including both the physical fitness expectations and the inherent and unavoidable risks of injury and harm, and I/we represent and warrant that the Student able to participate fully in Petipa Marathon Summer Program’s activities, that no health professional has advised us of any risks or conditions that would limit or impede the Student’s full and safe participation, that I/we are not aware of any medical or other conditions which would limit the Student’s full and safe participation in the program, and that I/we understand and accept the inherent and unavoidable risks of injury and harm that may occur due to the Student’s participation in the Petipa Marathon Summer Program. I/we agree further that if the Student sustains any injury or illness prior to the commencement of the Petipa Marathon Summer Program, we shall advise the Organizer promptly in writing so that an assessment can be made whether the Student can participate.
  20. No participant can attend the course if carrying an injury that will prevent them from the full participation of the course. The judgement of the Organizer is final.
  21. The Student accepts that the teachers can give corrections by physical contact.
  22. Only Students of the Petipa Marathon Summer Program are admitted within the studios during the course. A “Parents’ Day, Open-door” will be organized at the end of the course where parents will be allowed to attend.
  23. All classes are compulsory. If the absence of a class is unavoidable, participants are required to inform the coordinator of their absence before the class begins.
  24. During the course, the Organizer may take photographs / make recordings for archives or publicity purposes (only for the Organizer promotional campaigns). The Student (or his parents or tutor) expressly authorizes the recording and use of photos or videos in this context.
  25. These Terms & Conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Belgium. The Parties agrees that any dispute related to the present agreement should be addressed amicably. In case of failure to resolve the issue amicably, the parties submit all their disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Brussels.