«I started to be interested in Stepanov Notation as I had come in contact with the reconstruction work of Sergey Vikharev, Doug Fullington and Alexey Ratmansky. I was motived to study this notation system as there is a vast collection of Imperial Russian Repertoire written in this particular system. As I had also studied violin at a young age I was curious to understand this notation, as it is a notation based primarily on musical signs. After getting the manuals by Stepanov and Gorsky I started work in July 2019. Currently I am researching the Petipa ballet: „Les Caprices du Papillon“. Unfortunately the ballet is not completely notated so additional movements must be created such as arms and epaulement».

Born in Madrid, Juan Bockamp graduated from the Conservatorio Professional de Danza “Carmen Amaya” and received further studies at the Instituto Universitario “ Alicia Alonso” in his hometown. He danced in a variety of German State Theaters including the Mainfranken Theater Würzburg, the State Theater Cottbus and the Theater Plauen-Zwickau. He has guested with dance companies from the Theater Magdeburg, the Theater Hagen and the State Theater of Schwerin. Currently he lives in Madrid dedicating himself to dance pedagogy and research